Ultra Series fiberglass radius windows with glue chip obscure glass

Specialty Windows

From circles and arches to bays or bows, Milgard has specialty shaped windows that can add just the right touch to your home.

Specialty windows denote unique shapes and operating styles available that can add beauty and character to your home. Combine them with standard windows or feature them alone and to make a visual statement. See the options below.

  • Radius Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • Garden Windows

Radius Windows

Radius windows include circular shapes, half circles and arched tops. This style of window brings softness to a room as it juxtaposes the straight corners of rectangular windows. They can be operable to let in fresh air or fixed to only let in light.

5-panel bow window with single hung windows

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and Bow windows provide a dramatic accent to exterior walls for added curb appeal. You’ll also gain interior space in your home for furnishings or a permanent window seat. Bay and Bow windows can be flanked with casement windows or single hung windows for ventilation and additional light.

garden window

Garden Windows

Garden windows extend out from the house and generally have an interior shelf for plants and herbs. Side vents provide ventilation. Because the window extends beyond the house, you won't want to put a garden window in a place where it would interfere with sidewalks, patios or other exterior features.