Thursday May 17, 2018

How to Choose Window Treatments: 10 Ideas to Fit Your Home Style

by Joann Whetstine

If you are looking a quick and easy way to revamp your home décor, think about picking up some new window treatments. They can refresh your home with surprisingly little time, effort, and money.

Windows treatments serve more than a decorative purpose, they also help you in control how much light enters your home and can even regulate the temperature, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

10 Ideas to Find the Right Window Treatment

You can find window treatments in a variety of styles that can add a distinctive personality to your home because there is a wide range of patterns, colors, and designs available. Here are ten ideas to help you get started.

1) Style:  Certain kinds of window treatments look better with specific kinds of interior room designs. Blinds can be sleek or wooden, white or painted, and even honeycomb. Curtains and shades come in silken fabrics, nubby linen and even bamboo. Think about the room’s overall style when choosing the window treatment. Is it casual, traditional or modern? Collect ideas in Pinterest or Houzz.

2) Color Scheme:  Request samples and swatches to see how the window treatment’s color will look in your house. A warm white window treatment might look yellowish against cool white walls. Cooler white fabric against warmer shades might look slightly blue. See if the window treatment’s textures and patterns look interesting and take the opportunity to see how samples outside of your comfort zone might look in your home.

3) Extend Your Décor:  Each room in your home may have a different theme. Extend the decoration to your window treatments and treat each room individually. Or, if you want a consistent feel throughout, try using the same or complementary window treatments in all rooms.

Let your window treatment extend the decor in your room.

4) Tone-on-Tone:  This can add a sense of intrigue to your decorating style. Using multiple shades of the same color throughout your room is a classy and timeless design that will hold up well over the years.

Use multiple shades of the same color tone throughout a room.

5) A Splash of Color:  There is no need to settle for bland window treatments, brighten your room and go bold. Vibrant colors can make a great impression and uplift your mood.  

Add a pop of color to your windows.

6) Go Neutral: Cream, white, and gray window treatments look great in any setting. Neutral tones put less emphasis on drawing your eye toward the window, allowing you to enjoy other details and accent pieces in the room.

Neutral colors work well on windows.

7) Create Patterns with Texture: If you want to add new, clever patterns and textures in your room, a window treatment is a good way to do it without overhauling the entire design. Use window treatments with distinguished patterns and textures to add in mid-century and retro elements.

Make a statement with patterned window treatments.

8) Curtains.:  Curtains are a more romantic form of window treatment and you can find them in all kinds of fabrics from sheer to heavy drapes. Linen, silk, and velvet hang nicely. Sheers do a great job at diffusing the light. Tapestries and tweeds help block light and keep heat in, due to their weight. Linings and layers can also be added. Note: When measuring the width of your window, be sure to add at least eight inches to the size to allow for some fullness to the curtain when it’s closed.

Curtains are a romantic form of window covering.

9) Blinds:  There are many options for blinds today ranging from colors to material. Venetian blinds are a traditional look that stacks at the top and are pulls downward. These are usually metal or wooden. Honeycomb shades also operate this way and are made of soft paper or cloth-like material. Roller blinds are a single piece of fabric that rolls up and down. Roman blinds are similar, but, they bunch and fold as they are drawn upwards.

Roman blinds fold as you draw them upward.

10) Details:  After you’ve picked out the style, design, color, and finish of your window treatment, you need to think about the small touches. These little details can make a big impact. Should you go for a window treatment that is recessed or face mounted? Should it open horizontally or vertically? Designers often hang curtains six inches above a window frame to provide a sense of height. For a more traditional look, add a few inches to the length of your fabric so it can slightly puddle on the floor.

Window treatments can change the look of any room.

Window treatments can help accent the style of your home and change the look of any room. They also provide functional uses to diffuse light and help control home temperatures. With the vast number of options available, take the time to get inspired and select the one that’s right for you.



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Great Advice!

My husband and I want to redesign our living room, but we aren't sure what window treatments we should use. You had some great tips for choosing window treatments, and I liked how you said that a splash of color in your window treatments can brighten your room, as well as make a great impression and uplift your mood. Thanks; we'll keep this in mind when choosing window treatments.

Window shades

Finding the right decor for your home is like choosing a piece of art. I like how window shades bring a soothing effect.

Fabulous ideas

Fabulous ideas. And, thanks for the helpful tips about how to choose the right window treatments. I think to transform the appearance of a room in your home, opting for blinds may be a great idea.

Great Advice!

My husband and I want to redecorate our home, and your article had some great tips to help us choose new window treatments for this project. I liked how you said to consider adding a splash of color with window treatments, as vibrant colors can brighten a room, make a great impression and uplift your mood. Thanks; we'll keep this in mind when choosing window treatments.

Got my attention

It sure got my attention when you suggested on picking neutral colors for your window treatments to give the accent pieces in your room the spotlight by making them standout since neutral colors and tones have naturally less emphasis and effect on our eyes. My wife and I are redecorating our living room area to make sure that the art pieces that she recently bought would stand out. That is why we are on the lookout for neutral shades of curtains for our window treatments. This would make sure that the art pieces standout while making a clean feel and identity inside the room.

window treatments

I wanted to thank you for this advice for window treatments. It's good to know that vibrant colors could really help brighten your room. I wonder if brightly colored window treatments would be more ideal in a room that is well lit or one that isn't?

New Windows, New Designs

Oh, I love your tip to extend the decor of each room to its window treatments. I'm actually hoping to get new windows installed in our bedrooms. I'll be sure to consider how we could design the rooms when I pick out the kind of windows we want.

Bedroom windows

Thanks for the advice for choosing a neutral color. My wife and I are wanting new shades for our bedroom. We'll have to use these tips going forward.

living room window

I love how you recommend choosing window treatments of neutral shades to help put the emphasis on other details in the room. My brother and his wife are renovating their living room this month and they need to choose the window treatments for it.

My wife told me last Saturday

My wife told me last Saturday night about her idea to get honeycomb blinds installed as we look to redecorate our home. I wanted to gather some information on it and that's how I found your brilliant post. I really appreciate you explaining how using multiple shades of the same color throughout your room is a classy and timeless design that will hold up well over the years. A great tip indeed, one I'm sure anyone looking to get new blinds put in like my wife and I will be glad to keep in mind. Thanks and I'll make sure my wife gets this later today!


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