New Home Construction Windows: Providing a Panoramic Beachfront View

beachfront windows, Milgard

Building a new home is a time filled with possibilities, yet it also presents a maze of decisions, particularly when it comes to selecting windows. You probably want to spend your time envisioning light pouring into your entryway or thinking about the amazing view from your master bath – and leave the new windows to the pros. With the help of a professional, you can do both. Just take a look at the gorgeous example of new home construction windows below. 

What Are New Home Construction Windows?

New home construction windows are specifically designed for homes or buildings in the process of being constructed. They come with a nailing fin, which is a rim that allows them to be nailed directly onto the home’s framing. This design is particularly effective in ensuring a tight, seamless integration with the home’s exterior, offering weatherproofing and insulation from the start.

So what about replacement windows vs. new construction? Replacement windows, also known as retrofit windows, are different because they’re designed to fit into existing window frames. Installing new construction windows in an old home isn’t a good idea, so replacement windows are used when you want to upgrade your home without altering the surrounding wall structure. 

beachfront windows, Milgard Windows

Finding the Best Windows for New Home Construction

With so many available windows for new home construction, how do you choose? Consider each option's functionality, maintenance, and how it aligns with your home's design. Let’s explore some popular window types so you can make an informed choice.


Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows feature a stationary top sash and a movable bottom sash. They're a timeless, simple, and cost-effective option, blending well with traditional home designs without compromising on quality or appearance. For rooms where you want controlled ventilation and a classic look, single hung windows are a solid choice. They're also typically easier to install and maintain, making them a practical option for many homeowners.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are versatile, allowing both the top and bottom sashes to move. This flexibility offers excellent airflow options, letting you control where the air comes in. They're popular on higher levels of homes, where easy cleaning from the inside is a priority, as both sashes can tilt in for easy access. With their classic design, double hung windows complement a wide range of architectural styles.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows glide along a track, offering ease of use and contemporary styling. They're an excellent choice for spaces where you prefer not to have windows that project outward. Their wide design allows for lots of natural light and ventilation, making them ideal for rooms facing scenic landscapes or for homes with limited exterior space. Plus, their simple design often means lower costs and easier maintenance.

Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge at the side and open outward with a crank, providing maximum ventilation and unobstructed views. Their design also seals tightly when closed, making them one of the most energy-efficient options. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas like over the kitchen sink or large openings, casement windows allow for easy operation and can be a focal point in a room’s design, offering a sleek and modern look.

Awning Windows

Hinged at the top and opening outward, awning windows are perfect for adding ventilation without letting in rain or debris. Their design is especially beneficial for bathrooms and kitchens or installed above or below stationary windows for additional airflow. Awning windows offer a unique look and can be placed higher on walls, preserving privacy while still allowing natural light and fresh air to enter the room.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are stationary, designed to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the outside while maximizing natural light. They're ideal for showcasing landscapes or as a design statement in living rooms or dining areas. While they don't offer ventilation, their energy efficiency and ability to bring the outdoors in make them a stunning addition to any home, especially when combined with operable windows for airflow.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows come in a range of shapes and designs, from circles and arches to bay windows. They allow for personalization in your home’s design, offering unique accents or complementing other window types. Whether you're aiming for a dramatic focal point or matching a specific architectural style, specialty windows provide the flexibility to create a distinctive look, making your home stand out.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows have features like double-paned glass, Low-E coatings, and double or triple glazing. Not only can they save you thousands of dollars on your bill every year, but they may be required for new home construction windows in your area. Make sure to do your research to find out all the requirements where you’re building your new home. 


How New Home Construction Windows Brought This Cape Cod Home to Life

New home windows can really bring a space to life – just ask the owners of this gorgeous Cape Cod home. After tearing down the previous house, the owners embarked on a new construction project to design their new home around its windows. Being situated close to the beach, they wanted to take advantage of the fresh air and panoramic views.


Finding the Perfect New Windows

Living on the coast means your home is subject to sun, salt, wind, and rain. Fiberglass frames are an excellent option for these ever-changing conditions because they’re very durable and have a tensile strength similar to steel. Also, because they are made from glass fibers, the frames expand and contract at approximately the same rate as the insulated glass they hold. 

With these benefits in mind, the homeowner decided on Milgard Ultra Series windows, which have a contemporary look that is very low maintenance. With several premium color options available, they chose Bark to match the exterior of the home. For the inside, they chose white for the frame color, which helped their home stay light and bright.

Over 40 Milgard Ultra Series windows were installed, providing ventilation and amazing views while standing up to the elements of Cape Cod. The house has plenty of natural lighting throughout the home, incredible beachfront views, and very happy owners. 


Bring Your Vision to Life With New Home Windows

As the owners of the home on Cape Cod found out, new home construction windows can make any vision come to life – especially products from Milgard. Our new home windows come in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and styles to fit any project. We also offer a best-in-class warranty you can’t find with other manufacturers. Explore our products today to find the windows that will make your dreams come true.

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