Positive Action Lock

Approximately 90% of all residential break-ins result from windows that are inadvertently left unlocked. That's where another Milgard innovation can really give clients peace of mind.

Easy Close, Lock & Open Windows | Positive Action Lock

Milgard Positive Action Lock Benefits:

  • Easy to close and lock a window securely in one action.
  • Eliminates any guessing. If the window is closed, it's locked. Period.
  • Meets the California forced entry code, one of the toughest residential forced entry codes in the nation.
  • Makes windows both beautiful and secure.

Available on:

Want an even more innovative, easy-to-use lock? See the Milgard SmartTouch® Lock. It combines award-winning design with simple one-touch operation. It's available on our Tuscany® Series | V400 and Trinsic Series | V300 premium vinyl windows.