Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our warranties.
Where are the Sales Order Number (SO#) and Line Number located on my product?

The Sales Order number is the unique identification number for your product. This number is needed when filling out the service request form in order to identify your window in our system and expedite service. 

The number is located in the upper right or left-hand corner between the panes of glass. The SO # is a 5 to 8 digit number, followed by the Line Number (a decimal and three digits.) For example, a number you might see is 1144124. 002. The SO# is 1144124 and the Line Number is 002. 

Please note that some windows might not have the SO# or Line Number if made before 1995. In this case please contact customer service at 1.800.MILGARD with help in identifying your product. 

I bought a house that already had Milgard windows, are the windows still covered by Milgard’s warranty?

To determine whether your warranty is transferable as a subsequent homeowner, please view the Warranty Information page where you can find complete warranty information by year and location.

It is not possible to extend the warranty if it has expired or was not transferable. However, if you need service and no longer have a warranty please contact one of our Certified Dealers who can help you with repairing your windows. 

Do I need to register my warranty online to be covered?

Registering your warranty is not a requirement to be covered by your Milgard warranty. However, we recommend registering your warranty to simplify your service experience, should you ever require it. 

What causes stress cracks or cracked glass and why aren't they covered by our warranty beyond one year?

Stress cracks or cracked glass is caused by improper installation, storage, or handling, which cannot be controlled by Milgard. Milgard ensures that the glass units manufactured in our facilities are of the highest quality upon delivery to our dealers.  

If you do have a glass crack in your Milgard product, please contact one of our Certified Dealers or 1.800.MILGARD to schedule service.