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Installing Replacement Windows

Ever wonder what it’s like having replacement windows installed in your home? It’s easier than you may think.

Assess Your Old Windows

It all starts with a Milgard Certified Dealer. These experts will come to your home, meet with you, and ask a variety of questions about your project in order to make the best window and patio door recommendation. They will also provide an assessment of your current windows and alert you to any structural or weathering issues they see.

Choose Window Options

Based on your needs, they can review with you the different types of frame material available as well as operating styles. Once you get an idea of the options, we recommend visiting their showroom in order to try each window and patio door to get a feel for how they will work in your home.

Get a Window Quote

When you are ready, your Milgard Dealer can measure each window you wish to replace and provide an accurate price quote. There are energy packages available tailored to your local area as well as glass glazing options that can reduce heat and noise, so, we sure to let them know what features are most important to you. Each Milgard window and patio door is a custom order and manufactured to your specific size requirements.

Window Installation Types

There are three window installation types:

  • ZBar
  • Block Frame
  • Full Frame

ZBar Installation Steps

If you have stucco or a masonry block home with old aluminum windows, your replacement windows will require a ZBar installation. The installer will remove the old sashes and any unnecessary parts from the old window. Then they will clean the surface and apply caulking to establish a strong and durable seal. The new window is placed into the opening from the outside of your home and is securely fastened into place. The existing exterior of home will not be disturbed. They check to ensure the window is operating easily and make final adjustments before applying insulation. Caulking will be applied outside to the ZBar perimeter providing a seamless and finished look.

Block Frame Installation Steps

For homes with old wood windows, a Block Frame installation is used. This is because the existing frames are generally in good condition. It starts with the removal of old sashes and parts, much like the previous ZBar example, but the frame and trim remains intact. The opening is prepared by cleaning the area where the new window will go. Caulking is applied between the new window and the existing frame. The new window is carefully installed from the inside of your home and is securely fastened into place. Then, final adjustments are made to check that the window is working properly. The window will be insulated and interior trim is added as a finishing touch.

Full Frame Replacement Installation Steps

If the frames on your old windows are not structurally sound, or if you have plans to change the size and shape of your window, a Full Frame Replacement is the best choice. This offers a wide variety of design transformation options. With Full Frame Replacement, the entire window and frame is removed and the new window inserted in its place. It’s similar to a new construction project. Once the new window is installed, insulation is applied and trim is added.

Your Milgard Certified Dealer will assist you in determining what type of window to order. Once you’ve placed your order, your Dealer will let you know the estimated delivery date when they will receive your custom windows. From there, they can coordinate with you to schedule an installation date. Depending on the type of installation needed, the amount of time needed to remove an old window and install a new one will vary. Your installer should also remove the old window and dispose of it properly.

What to Expect on your Installation Day

Click here for a handy checklist to help you prepare and ask the right questions on your replacement window installation day.