Understanding Window Lighting

window lighting

Natural light can transform the feel of your home

Milgard understands the importance of light and considers the best ways windows can let light into your home.

Window Lighting

Natural light coming from windows is a great source for general lighting and task lighting. The strategic placement of windows can reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, although the position of the home and local climate must be taken into account. In general, south facing windows offer the best opportunity for maximum light in the home year around.

Artificial lighting accounts for 10 percent of the home’s electrical consumption on average. Using replacement windows for natural light decreases the reliance on energy to run light fixtures. Pattern or “obscure glass” options allow enjoyment of natural light while offering privacy. A typical obscure glass application would be a bathroom or shower.

Benefits of Natural Light

Exposure to daylight has direct physical and mental health benefits. The human body uses sunlight to prevent disease, regulate sleep and to provide mental awareness of the time of day.

During cold weather, natural light helps combat against winter blues. Studies have shown that individuals exposed to reduced amounts of natural lighting suffer more symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder than those with greater access to natural lighting.  

Natural light helps us feel more connected to outdoors. Large panels of glass can help facilitate this by increasing the amount of daylight indoors. This allows the space to feel more open and provides an opportunity to take advantage of beautiful views. 

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