5 Ways to Decorate Your Windows for Halloween


It’s Halloween time! If you love decorating your windows seasonally as much as we do, you’ll love these spooky ideas to help your home look fun and festive for Halloween. Whether you have lots of decorations or just a few, get inspired with these five windows that are sure to please the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.

1) Expand the Space with a Bench 

Expand your Halloween Window Decorations with a Bench

For this Halloween window, the decorations extend past the window ledge and spill onto a bench placed just beneath it. This provides additional space to really get creative. Grab some old clothes and create a homemade scarecrow. You can use crunched up newspaper for the body and just add some tufts of hay peeking out of the sleeves and pant legs. Collect beautiful fall leaves from your neighborhood to adorn the window and consider other squashes, besides pumpkins as accents.

2) Use the Window Rail  

Use the Window Rail to add Tiny Pumpkins

If you have wide wood windows in your home, let some tiny pumpkins sit atop the rail. This is a simple design that can be done in just a few minutes. The repetition of multiple pumpkins in a row unifies the design and you can keep this decoration up all the way through Thanksgiving. Add ribbons to the stems for added flair.

3) Decorate Outside the Window

Decorate Outside the Window for Halloween

You don’t have to keep all your creativity inside, expand your decorations to include the exterior of the window. Stacks some pumpkins on top of each other to create height. (You’ll need to drill a hole through the middle and secure with a dowel for stability.) Orange colored lights and fall leaves complete the look.

4) Web of Lights

A Web of Lights Makes a Great Halloween Decoration

Spider web lights are a nice way to create a big impact, with little effort. They are ready to hang, right out of the box with just a few strings. (Don’t forget to have an outlet nearby.) Add a package of white, pull apart webbing behind them to emphasize the spooky effect during the daylight hours too.

5) A Jack-O-Lantern Shines with Pillar Candles

A Jack-O-Lantern Shines with Pillar Candles by the Window

Jack-O-Lanterns paired with pillar candles achieve a classic look. You can vary this with the number of each items you use, the width of the candles and their color. Depending on the size of your window ledge, choose one, three or five pumpkins (odd numbers are always best). Carve some into jack-o-lanterns and leave a few plain. Add variety by choosing an assortment of candle colors from yellow to orange and select different heights and widths.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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