Best Window Brand for Contractors (2024)

Best Window Brand for Contractors, MILGARD

There are hundreds of window and door companies that work with contractors around the U.S. They provide exterior doors, interior doors, patio doors, skylights, and all types of windows, from floor-to-ceiling windows to small, ventilating awning windows. Their products come in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood frames. The options for glass types and coatings are endless. 

All that choice can seem like a good thing, but a fragmented industry can actually make it harder to find reliable, durable, and trustworthy wholesale windows for contractors. And as industry veterans know, working with the best window brand for contractors can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and an angry phone call.


Why Window Brand Matters

When you choose a trusted window brand, you know you’ll get a certain level of quality and service. The best brands make durable, well-constructed products that hold up over time. They also work closely with distributors to ensure the features and tech specs meet the project’s needs, orders are on time and complete, and installation is seamless.  

Choosing a well-known window brand that works with contractors also gives you the peace of mind that the company will still be around 10, 20, and 30 years down the line. Off-brand window companies come and go, but the best window brands for contractors have been around for decades. They have strong safety nets in place, like warranties, for when problems arise as windows age.

Top window brands that are known for their quality products and excellent warranties are the most likely to add value to a home over the long term. When it comes time to sell, your customers will be happy they chose durable, high-quality windows over a cheap knockoff. 


Replacement vs. New Construction Windows for Contractors

Contractors work on a wide variety of projects, from updating older homes to brand-new construction. Being able to count on the same window brand for both types of contracts helps you consistently deliver finished work on-time and on-budget. Whether you need new construction or replacement windows for contractors, getting familiar with one or two of the best window brands allows you to better advise your customers – whether that’s a state or local agency, private landowner, or individual homeowner. 


How to Find the Best Window Brand for Contractors

Finding the best window brand for contractors may depend on where you operate: Many manufacturers are regional. But no matter where you’re located, there are always some tips you can incorporate as you look for a new partner. 


Check Ratings and Certifications

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a nonprofit organization that provides ratings for windows, doors, and skylights. They have ratings for U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient, visible light transmittance, air leakage, and condensation resistance, allowing contractors to directly compare the quality of different windows. You can find the ratings in the NFRC Certified Products Directory.

Another way to ensure quality is to check for other manufacturing and installation certifications. For example, MILGARD has been a member of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) for more than 50 years and meets all of its performance standards. 


Consider Experience

The best window brands for contractors understand that construction projects are complicated enough – you don’t need to be dealing with manufacturing delays, supply chain issues, and long lead times. It’s a balancing act between budget, materials, and timeline, and experienced window brands can help you master it. 

Fast lead times, on-time deliveries, comprehensive customer care, and extensive product testing should come standard with top window brands. For example, contractor reviews of MILGARD show that our full-service facilities and fast delivery services help contractors cut lead times and stay ahead of schedule with on-time, complete orders. 


Look at Selection

No two projects are the same, and neither are any two customers. That’s to say nothing about local rules and regulations for contractor egress windows, energy efficiency, and more – plus HOA standards for trim materials, colors, and window grids. Working with a window company that offers a large selection means you can get everything you need in one place. 

Look for a good selection of frame materials, from aluminum to vinyl to fiberglass, as well as a variety of colors, finishes, and other visible design elements. The best window brands for contractors will also offer different glass types, including obscure glass, tints and coatings, and energy-efficient options. Take into account what customers in your area want and need, and be sure your window brand can provide it.


Check Out the Warranty

The warranty is one of the biggest things that separates the top window brands from the bottom of the pile. When a window manufacturer provides a good warranty and follows through on it, you know they stand behind their product – and that can give you the confidence that you’re getting the best quality. 

As any contractor knows, high-quality, durable windows backed up by a great warranty make happier customers over the long term. No one wants to spend hours on the phone handling a complaint. With a good warranty, if something goes wrong, it’s easy to make it right. That not only gets you good reviews and referrals but also leaves you more time to work on new business.


Who Makes the Best Windows for Contractors?

When you take into account certifications, experience, selection, and warranty, MILGARD is one of the best window brands for contractors. We’ve been around since 1958 and we’re one of very few vertically integrated window companies, meaning we can control every step of the manufacturing process. That’s how we can guarantee quick lead times, high-quality products, and great customer service. 

Whether you want to buy vinyl windows for contractors or go with aluminum or fiberglass, our products come in a wide range of styles, colors, custom options, and price points. But what really sets us apart is our industry-leading warranty. We offer both full and limited lifetime warranties, depending on the product, and you can always upgrade. 

Ready to get started with MILGARD windows for contractors? Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business and create happier customers. 

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