Why Choose Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors?

May 26, 2017

Frame Material

When considering a window or patio door frame material for a home design project, whether it be a new construction or remodeling project, you’ll be pleased to know that Milgard premium vinyl is extremely durable. It is are non-corroding and perform well in most weather and environmental situations. Vinyl windows don’t require painting and offer great moisture resistance which makes them virtually maintenance-free. 

To ensure top quality vinyl products, Milgard extrudes its own frame material using a unique formula, and builds its windows to order. Each window series endures a series of rigorous test to ensure product performance, including structural, thermal, water, and forced entry testing. 

Frame Colors

Featuring Tuscany Series with Bronze Exterior Color       Tuscany® Series white vinyl windows with valance grids.

Most vinyl windows and doors are available in white and various neutral colors; however, Milgard developed a new coating technology that includes painted exterior vinyl finishes in colors like Classic Brown and Silver, in addition to the standard white and tan. Ultraviolet light stabilizers are added to prevent sunlight from degrading the material and causing cracking. This coating technology allows UV rays to pass through the exterior color and reflect off the white vinyl frame, allowing the exterior finish to look new for years.

Milgard offers three vinyl lines, including Tuscany® Series, Trinsic TM Series and Style Line® Series.

Tuscany Series

The most popular choice is Tuscany Series which features the premium hardware which is the SmartTouch® lock and door handle for security and ease of use.

SmartTouch® lock       SmartTouch® Handle

It also features even sight lines for a traditional look, and multiple exterior painted vinyl finishe colors including Bronze and Espresso. Tuscany Series is backed by the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty which includes parts and labor along with Glass Breakage coverage.

Tuscany Series is available for remodeling projects and new construction and also offers:

  • Additional operating styles

    • In-Swing and Out Swing patio doors

  • More frame types

    • Z-bar

    • J- channel & block frame

    • Slope sill adaptor

  • Vent stops for Horizontal and Vertical slider windows

  • Pull rail screens for Horizontal Slider, Single Hung, and Double Hung windows

Fenice Partners LLC along with Anchen Wang Architects, LLC used this series to accent a contemporary condo. See their case study here: Painted Vinyl Windows Accent a Contemporary Condo

Style Line Series

Differences between Style Line and Tuscany

Taking a step away from the traditional look of Tuscany Series, Milgard offers a more contemporary profile with Style Line Series. The design allows for more glass and less frame, creating a smooth and sleek look with minimal protruding hardware and slim profile frame. This makes it an excellent aluminum window replacement and is ideal for contemporary homes or whenever maximum glazing area is desired. As an added bonus the standard frame depth is 2-7/8” making it ideal for both new construction or use as a replacement window. Cascade West Development used this product in one of their latest homes which can be viewed here: A Home for Entertaining with a Maximum View

Which Vinyl window or door series will you be using for your next project? Leave your comment below.

* Not available in all regions. Check with your local Milgard dealer.



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