Top 4 Home Trends for 2022



Ready to start the new year with some exciting changes for your home? Luckily for you, we’ve already done the hard work by conducting the research and distilling it down to the top four hottest home design trends for 2022. Time to get inspired! 

  1. Nature Brings the Outside In  

Using nature in your space is a very big design trend and many people are accomplishing this by inundating their home with plants. From Ficus to ferns or even the bamboo palm, more and more green plants are popping up in home decorating. These plants not only bring nature into your space, they have other benefits as well. Research has found that houseplants aid in stress reduction and can even alleviate fatigue, among other advantages. 

This trend of decorating your space with houseplants is tied to a Midcentury Modern concept of “bringing the outside in,” and there’s more than one way to accomplish this. If you don’t want to add plants, you can embrace this home design trend by adding a sliding glass door. 

If you want to make a big impact, consider the largest patio door available: a moving glass wall. Milgard offers a stunning glass wall called the AX550 which, depending on operating style, measures up to 23’6” wide and 10’ tall. These doors can be a wonderful way to bring nature into your space, since they offer tremendous views to the outside world. 

Milgard AX550 bifold

But you don’t need an extremely large sliding glass door to truly bring a sense of nature into you home – a standard sliding glass door will work just fine. A typical sliding glass door is approximately 6.5 feet high by 6 feet wide, and you can even consider adding sidelites to expand your view even more and increase ventilation. 

  1. Add Natural Light with Large Windows 

Expansive windows are another popular home trend you’ll notice nationwide. They are wonderful for bringing natural light into your home and helping you embrace beautiful views of nature, much like your patio doors. 


A living room with large windows from Milgard Ultra Series

Architects and builders consider using large windows to enhance a home’s design. And, now studies show there can be a great advantage for the homeowner. An abundance of natural light can help the occupants’ mood and mental health. In fact, one study in Switzerland found that people working with natural light were more productive than those using artificial light.  

The other advantage of larger windows is that they give you a greater visual field. Milgard Ultra™ Series | C650 windows are a great example of contemporary window styling with modern colors such as Black Bean. This can be a great solution for those with beautiful views and a modern style. 


  1. Use Neutral Colors Throughout the Home  

There’s always a lot of buzz around the new colors of the year, and this year is no exception. Neutrals are hot and by neutral, we mean basic colors like white, brown, tan, black and bronze.  

From wooden tables and chairs, to flooring and cabinets, even decorative accent pieces, neutrals are here to stay. Colors such as bronze, brown and black also have even become increasingly common in window frame finishes, where white and tan have already been featured.