New Construction Homes Featuring Milgard Windows

new construction homes, Milgard Windows

Building a new construction home can be a big undertaking. These are homes completely designed and built from the ground up. They’ve never existed before, and that means windows for new construction homes can be anything the homeowner wants. From different styles, colors, and shapes, to window grids, glass options, and energy-efficient add-ons, home builders have plenty of choices to make. Working with an experienced installation company is essential – as is choosing the right brand for your windows and doors.


Why Milgard Is a Top Choice for New Construction Homes

In the world of new home construction, selecting the perfect windows and doors can be key to the entire project. Milgard’s new construction doors and windows stand out as a premier choice for builders, architects, and homeowners alike, thanks to our combination of style, durability, energy efficiency, and variety.


Stylish and Durable Materials

Our modern aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass doors create a stunning backyard or patio space for any design style. These materials are stylish, durable, and versatile. 

  • Vinyl windows and doors are easy to maintain and won’t fade or crack. Their ability to withstand the elements, paired with excellent insulation properties, ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Aluminum windows and doors have a modern and sleek look without compromising on strength. These frames offer slim profiles that maximize views and light while standing the test of time.
  • Fiberglass windows and doors can combat the harshest weather conditions without warping, cracking, or swelling. They merge the beauty of painted wood with the resilience of fiberglass.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is more than a buzzword at Milgard. Our windows and doors are crafted to meet and exceed energy standards, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. With options like Low-E glass, double-paned glass, and ENERGY-STAR Rated windows, we ensure that comfort and sustainability go hand in hand.

For our client Starr Homes, which prides itself on “Building Better, Building Green,” Milgard windows were a great fit. Milgard is an ENERGY STAR partner with products that meet or exceed U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) criteria in the areas we serve. The energy efficiency of our products coupled with our beautiful designs make Milgard an easy choice for home builders.

Plenty of Options

Variety is the spice of life, especially when you’re designing a new home. At Milgard, we believe every window and door should be personalized to your exact preferences. You can choose: 

  • Colors and sizes: Our new construction windows come in different colors like silver or bronze to match the exterior of the home. You’ll also find a wide range of window sizes, from standard window sizes to specialty windows like radius and bay windows. 
  • Window grids: Our diverse window grid options allow homeowners and designers to express any style. Go with French sliding patio doors or create a more modern look – you can do anything with window grids.
  • Glass types: From obscure glass that offers privacy without sacrificing light, to tinted glass that reduces solar heat gain, we have a variety of glass options to meet every need and preference.


Milgard windows and doors also provide peace of mind. We have an industry-leading warranty not available through other manufacturers. We offer a Full Lifetime Warranty for certain series, covering parts and labor, including glass breakage coverage for some models. A Lifetime Limited Warranty applies to other series, with options to upgrade to the Full Lifetime Warranty. With over 50 years of high-quality manufacturing, you can trust our products. 

new construction homes, Milgard Windows

Two Beautiful Residential Designs That Feature Milgard Windows

Starr Homes frequently uses the Milgard family of products for residential construction, including two beautiful, but very different, homes in the Kansas City area. Check out these one-of-a-kind living experiences.


The Village of Loch Lloyd

This reverse 1.5-story home is located in the Village of Loch Lloyd and was thoughtfully designed around the serenity of the lot and community. The 7,000+ square foot home was designed with modern, clean lines to put the focus on the stunning exterior surroundings. The front elevation and two-story foyer uses a contemporary window design that draws a ton of natural light in the long corridor leading to the covered lanai in the rear overlooking a pond.

Milgard Aluminum Series windows were selected for Loch Lloyd to convey a timeless, contemporary look and deliver strength and durability. Along with other details such as large sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining room, it is clear this home was designed to merge indoor/outdoor living.

Sundance Ridge

Sundance Ridge is a cozy 1.5-story home inspired by simplified forms and geometric shapes to reflect an art deco revival design. This vision was well accomplished on the exterior which featured a dark bronze frame color.

Milgard Style Line Series vinyl windows were selected for their slim frame which allowed for more natural light to enter the home. There were also a variety of window shapes selected for visual interest. 


Experience the Milgard Advantage

Building a new home is an exciting time, but there are many factors that go into it. Bob Osterlund, the Vice President of Starr Homes LLC, says to begin you must “meet with a Milgard dealer to become fully educated on the products, benefits, and inspiration behind each series. Tell them about your specific vision and they will provide you with all the necessary resources, so you feel the most comfortable with your decision, and ultimately, the most comfortable in your home.” 

Choosing Milgard for your new construction home means investing in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether it's the broad selection of styles, the pioneering materials, or the energy-efficient designs, we empower home builders to bring their vision to life with confidence. Find a Milgard dealer in your area today to get started. 

Loch Lloyd Project Info:
Milgard Series Used: Thermally Improved Aluminum | A250

Builder: Starr Homes, LLC

Architect: Castrop Design Group

Photographer: Starr Homes, LLC. Twilight Exteriors ©2018 Matthew Anderson / Interiors by James Maidhof Photography

Milgard Dealer: Kansas City Building Supply

Sundance Ridge Project Info:
Milgard Series Used: Style Line Series | V250

Builder: Starr Homes, LLC

Architect: Starr Homes, LLC

Photographer: Starr Homes, LLC. Twilight Exteriors ©2018 Matthew Anderson / Interiors by James Maidhof Photography

Milgard Dealer: Kansas City Building Supply

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