Wood Windows & Doors

Once the standard material for window and door frames, interior wood frames coupled with exterior fiberglass results in timeless beauty and durability against the elements.

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Advantages of Wood Frames

  • Warmth of solid wood grains
  • Paintable
  • Excellent insulating properties

For years, wood has been a readily available window substrate, and the most common choice for homes. It could be painted a solid color or stained and sealed to show off the wood grain. Wood is also strong and easy to work with, is a natural insulator and complements many forms of architecture.

Compared to vinyl and fiberglass, wood window and door frames require more maintenance. Regular sealing, staining or painting is needed to prolong the beauty of the wood. Frequent touchups and the occasional refurbishing, sanding and applying new coats is almost always required.

Milgard Essence Series® takes wood replacement windows and patio doors one step further by combining a solid wood frame interior and combining it with a long-lasting fiberglass exterior. Essence Series windows uses a mulling system that securely connects multiple units, creating a tight seal and protecting against air and water infiltration.These are also available for new construction homes.

Essence Series windows are also equipped with the Milgard's innovative water management system. It protects the solid wood interior by draining water away through a hidden system of water channels and drainage holes. This allows the window to perform at a higher design pressure than most standard wood windows.

Another option for wood patio door frames is our Moving Glass Wall System, available in Aluminum Clad Wood. This is offered in the Pocket operating style. You'll enjoy a solid-wood interior frame, enveloped with a durable aluminum exterior. This beautiful option really makes a statement in your home.