Stucco, Spanish and Mediterranean Styles

These architectural homes vary geographically, but Milgard windows and doors are a consistent fit whatever style.

Accent the lines and patterns of these architectural styles with grid-patterned windows and French doors.

As the name suggests, Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco homes are influenced by the region in its descriptive. This ranges from older homes with small windows and large doors topped by arch windows, to new-style Mediterranean homes that have larger windows.

Arch windows complement very well with the lines and pattern of Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco style homes. Grid patterns can be used to create the illusion of multiple panes. French doors --- either swing or sliding ---- are recommended to help maintain integrity of the architectural style.

Recommended Window and Door Styles

Arch windows are very popular in stucco style homes and complement well with the curved lines for a softer look.

French Style patio doors are a great fit for this style of home. They maintain the integrity of the design while ensuring a sturdy, functional performance.

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