Craftsman Bungalow Homes

Take this American home classic to the next level with windows and doors that complement its signature style.

American Craftsman style and bungalows are variations of an affordable housing type that swept across America in the early twentieth century. Distinguished with many low-pitched windows and an open floor plan, craftsman and bungalow homes are ideally suited for mild California climates. Bungalow style houses typically have plenty of natural light. The style was initially marked by its modernity and break away from the ornate Victorian style homes. Craftsman bungalows are now popular with homeowners who want to restore a historic house as many are over 100 years old. Many of these homes have wood features that replacement windows may match or complement. 

Double Hung windows in combination with casement and awning windows help create the patterns with which Bungalow style houses are typically associated. Wood patio doors are recommended to complement the classic Bungalow style of wood interiors.

Recommended Window and Door Styles

Double Hung grid windows in combination with casement/awning or picture windows help create the patterns that Bungalow style houses are typically associated with. Bungalow style houses typically have ample light, and combinations of larger grid windows provide plenty of natural light.

French patio doors with wood interior offer the durability of fiberglass with the classic Bungalow style of wood interiors. In addition, the grid lines and extra lighting to coordinate with Bungalow/Craftsman window styles.

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