Friday April 28, 2017

4 Unique Ways to Use Patio Doors in The Home

by Joan Custer

When you think of patio doors, where do they usually go? You would probably say, they are meant to lead to the patio as the name implies. What if I were to tell you that isn’t the case? Patio doors can be used throughout the home for a more luxurious look and feel. These patio doors have many attractive options to help you create a look that’s all your own. From the open glass view, to different grid patterns and colors to fit any room in the home. Read on for four great ideas to spark your creativity.

1. To Adore French Doors

The French door style look is very popular. You’ll even see it in other areas of the home, such as garages and even glass-door refrigerators. Recently, the French door wall oven was identified as a top trend at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

Replacing regular doors in your home with French doors can elevate the look and feel of a room and it adds more character. For instance the bedroom leading to a balcony.

French patio door

Or, formal dining room or kitchen.

French patio doors in dining room

2. Pair French Doors with Transoms and Sidelites

Architects and designers often combine windows and doors together for a distinct effect. A transom is a window, usually rectangular, that is over a door or another window. Sidelites are windows that are to the side of a door as seen in the picture below. Doors and windows that are integrated well in the room are beautiful to look at, almost like pieces of art on the wall. In addition to windows, transoms and sidelites are complementary elements that add visual emphasis surrounding the patio door.


3. Add a Series of French Doors in a Wall

If you have a panoramic view, consider adding a series of French doors into a wall. This unique design calls attention to the outside through the expanse of French doors that now act as both doors, functionally and a set of windows, visually.


4. Replace a Solid Exterior Door with a Glass Patio Door

When you think of standard patio doors, you may be picturing a large opening slider or a 2 panel swing door, which can take up a lot of room. If you have a smaller space, and a secondary door that leads outside, consider adding a single panel, glass patio door. You’ll bring in extra sunlight and have a unique back or side door.


Which of these ideas are you planning to use in your home? Comment below on your favorite and come and check out the other articles in this series.

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My hubby and I are thinking

My hubby and I are thinking of installing patio doors in a unique way that will add value to our home. I like the idea of replacing a solid exterior door with a glass patio door for smaller spaces. Doing this will bring in extra sunlight while keeping it unique. Thanks for such a magnificent and creative idea to use patio doors! He will surely love this!

Combine windows and doors together

Thanks for explaining some ways to you could use a patio door. It's nice to know that it could be fun to combine windows and doors together. It seems like a nice way to bring in natural light while also making the area feel more open.

Office Patio Door!

I love that you pointed out how french doors can help with soundproofing in the office but it can still connect the room to the rest of the house! My husband works from home and he's been wanting to replace his office since he feels really secluded, especially when we have family over, so using glass french doors is a great idea. Thank you for the ideas and tips on using patio doors in the house, they were really helpful.

Single-Panel Patio Door

We'd love to replace our current exterior patio door with a single-panel glass patio door, just like the door you mention in the point 4 of the article above, but we are having a really hard time finding a door like this. Any recommendations?

I like that you said you can

I like that you said you can add single panel glass doors to add a unique look. Our door to the patio is getting old and deteriorating so we want to find one that has a more modern look.

French doors

Thanks for your blog in the unique ways to use patio doors. Since I'm thinking of replacing my old patio doors to a more luxurious type, it's great that you suggested French door type. With that, I am hoping to find a replacement door frame for my patio doors.

Love this patio door

My husband and I are having a custom home constructed by the end of the year, so we're starting to look for home designs that we would love to incorporate in our dream home. I really love the suggestions you wrote in this article, especially that adding a transom or sidelites to a french door can make a beautiful and modern style patio door.

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