Architecture firm uses MILGARD windows to go big on a ‘mini’


It’s a story you’ve heard numerous times before: A young family outgrows its house in the city and decides to move to the suburbs. If it were a movie, a young child would clutch his or her stuffed animal while looking at the old homestead through the car’s back window.

But what if moving to another home is not a serious consideration? What if the family in question finds their property and surrounding neighborhood ideal? What if they just want to renovate their home to give them a little more room and a little more luxury?

That was the situation confronting a family in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. Seeking to remain in their cherished space, they contracted Seattle’s Best Practice Architecture to redesign their two-story, 16-and-a-half-foot-wide house. Best Practice responded with a new look for the home – now called the “Phinney Mini” – that incorporated many improvements, including replacing the house’s old windows with Milgard windows.

“The Milgard product line offers a wide range of styles, operations, finishes, and price points,” said Kip Katich, a partner at Best Practice. “That allowed us to create a window package tailored to the unique design requirements and the homeowners’ preferences.”

According to Katich, Best Practice has used Milgard windows on multiple occasions in the past. For the Phinney Mini, the designers chose windows from two Milgard series: V440 Tuscany® vinyl and C650 Ultra™ fiberglass. Most of the windows in the main living spaces are from the Tuscany® Series.

“We wanted to distinguish the window style between the original 1907 house windows and the new, modern addition,” Katich said. “So, when replacing the original windows, the V400 Tuscany vinyl windows better matched the original single-hung windows.”

Once they had the windows in place, the Best Practice team updated this home for the 21st century. They upgraded the kitchen and turned the basement into a living area.

Vinyl windows that ooze style and performance, the V400 Series accentuates the attributes that the Best Practice team and the Phinney Mini homeowners craved. V400 windows are extremely energy efficient as well.

“Improving the home’s performance was an important priority for the homeowners, and the city has implemented stringent energy codes,” Katich said. “With the owners’ desire for improved performance coupled with energy code standards, we needed windows that could meet both needs.”

Best Practice again tapped Milgard for the home’s two sliding glass doors, choosing the C650 fiberglass French-style sliding door.

When it was all said and done, Best Practice had reimagined a 116-year-old home that boasts a modern look while accommodating a modern family. Moreover, the owners and their children get to continue living in a desirable neighborhood.

“Phinney Ridge is a lush and quiet neighborhood,” Katich said. “It abuts Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo and the Green Lake Park system, making it an excellent neighborhood for young families.”

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